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Lola’s Boutique

(note: try getting through this post without getting Lola stuck in your head) My friend Jo officially launched her boutique last night. Jo and I ‘met’ in typical Gen Y fashion; while tweeting about an earthquake in Kalgoorlie (as opposed … Continue reading

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I hate that I love New York City so much. How tiresome. And clichéd. But I can’t help it, I can hardly explain why it appeals so greatly to me. I really haven’t felt so at home anywhere else in the world. … Continue reading

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I am still without internet. Which means John, Joe, Josh from iiNet is a liar. I should be reconnected by December 3. Sorry for the absence. Some great posts coming up soon. xx

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Have fringe, will celebrate

I didn’t chicken-out! Apologies for the constant grainy instagram pics. Josh from iiNet said the internet connection should be up and running by Friday. Don’t let me down Josh. When it’s all reconnected I will be able to attach decent photographs to … Continue reading

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Touche Hombre

I’m probably the last of thousands to blog about this restaurant, but as I wait for regional WA to take up Mexican food with the same vigour that Melbourne has (shhyeah right), I may as well reminisce… About a month ago … Continue reading

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To fringe or not to fringe?

If you are looking to read a vaguely intellectual post today I implore you to look away now. ……. are you gone? Good. I’m stuck in a rut. A hair rut to be specific. I acknowledge that it is a privileged and fickle position … Continue reading

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Frappelinis and other weekend adventures

Ever heard of a Frappelini?! I doubt it. They were only invented on Saturday night. My friend and housemate combined blended watermelon with a bottle (or three…) of sparkling wine and thus, the Frappelini was born. They bubble like something that … Continue reading

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Friday Fast Facts

It’s that time of the week! Fact: I’ve been so tired this week that my left eye has developed a twitch. It reminds me of the teacher in Daria who suffers stress so severe, his eyes routinely bulge out of … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Me, standing near the Obamas’ place circa 2010. Congrats Barry. #fourmoreyears Ps. I want my long hair back

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Dessert Kebabs

When I was little, I used to watch Mermaids at least weekly. Not The Little Mermaid, Mermaids starring Cher, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. One thing (among many) that stuck with me is the food Mrs Flax (Cher) would make; … Continue reading

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