Have fringe, will celebrate

I didn’t chicken-out! Apologies for the constant grainy instagram pics. Josh from iiNet said the internet connection should be up and running by Friday. Don’t let me down Josh. When it’s all reconnected I will be able to attach decent photographs to my posts. But back to the fringe… Very happy with it, don’t know why I didn’t get it done sooner etc etc. I am now on constant stringy-fringe-watch, especially as temperatures here skim 40 degrees. Nothing worse than a stringy fringe (except for, you know, pretty much everything).

I watched Notting Hill yesterday morning. I forgot just how hilarious that movie is. The next press conference I go to I’m definitely saying I’m a reporter from Horse and Hound magazine. And asking equine-centric questions despite the topic.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Back to regular programming soon, I promise.

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2 Responses to Have fringe, will celebrate

  1. Kacie says:

    Gorgeous – Love it!

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