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Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind words in the form of comments here, on facebook, emails and messages. The response to my last post was so lovely, so overwhelming and in most cases, tear inducing! I’m doing ok. I actually … Continue reading

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Getting mugged in Taganga, Colombia

Well friends, here’s post I never wanted to write. Last night, against my better judgement, I decided to walk home alone from a bar back to our hostel in the small seaside town of Taganga, Colombia. Andrew hadn’t been feeling well … Continue reading

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Things I do aside from travel

Before we embarked on this trip (over 8 months ago!) my blog featured a bit of everything from car crashes and sunrises, to absurd cheesecake recipes, to fancy balls and outback rodeos, to asking what you had for breakfast (a weirdly … Continue reading

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Brazil: 20 observations  

Here’s a list of 20 things I observed in Brazil, things that surprised, intrigued, struck me, were told to me or caught my attention. Not necessarily good or bad, just observations. 1 English isn’t common Pretty much no one (outside … Continue reading

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Paraty, Brazil 

For people travelling to Brazil, the tiny costal town of Paraty is a must. Located on the Costa Verde (green cost) in Rio de Janeiro state, it’s got the perfect mix of beautiful beaches and islands as well as amazing … Continue reading

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11 glorious days on the beach in Florianopolis, Brazil

Here’s a boring, obvious statement; travelling is tiring. That’s why, as amazing as it is to travel, it’s sometimes also amazing to stand still for a while. And that is how our intended two nights in Florianopolis blew out to … Continue reading

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10 things you should know about moving to Kalgoorlie-Boulder

If you’ve read my blog for a while (or read the About page!) you might know that before I embarked on this amazing adventure I used to live in a small regional city in the West Australian Goldfields called Kalgoorlie-Boulder. … Continue reading

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How to get the money to quit work and travel

“How do you afford to travel?” This is by far the question I get asked the most, in real life, on the internet, politely and not so politely. We have been travelling for just shy of eight months: four and … Continue reading

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Iguazu Falls, which side is better?

Brazil or Argentina? Argentina or Brazil? Iguazu Falls (Iguazú Falls, Iguassu Falls, or Iguaçu Falls) is a collection of waterfalls from the Iguazu river on the Argentinian/Brazil border. The river flows mostly through Brazil, but the majority of the falls … Continue reading

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