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Off and Racing

So we were all enoying the day, drinking out of tiny plastic cups, feasting on finger food, placing ill-informed bets, cursing our choice of footwear and the wind and then this happened… Holy. Toledo. A proposal. In our tent. Surrounded by … Continue reading

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National Op Shop Week

I was surprised to learn this morning that this week is National Op Shop Week. Firstly, surprised that I wasn’t given a crown and sceptre and the title of ‘Ambassador’ and secondly, surprised that we have no public holiday to … Continue reading

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Accidental Bridesmaids

  So, you know how couples can sometimes start to morph into each other after a while? They claim it’s just a cute coincidence that they love the same music/movies/style/skinny jeans but really, their creepy clone-like behaviour is a direct … Continue reading

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Whimsical Tree

So, novelty photo booths have done the rounds at weddings and over-the-top corporate parties for ages now (really, who wants a lasting memory of themselves with that random middle aged woman from accounts or that guy from IT who never … Continue reading

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Rodeos and Race Tracks

  Last weekend. The girls and I got our rodeo on on Saturday night. Strangely, I’ve attended quite a few rodeos in my time including ones in Victoria, NSW, Utah, one on the Nullarbor and now one in Kalgoorlie. Going to rodeos makes me want … Continue reading

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Floral Arrangement

Few things satisfy me more than when I find an on trend* item of clothing at a second-hand store. The floral blazer has been doing the rounds for a while now, as have floral pants. I bought this blazer from … Continue reading

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Humming the Hummus tune

This is the recipe for the hummus enjoyed on a recent picnic. Hummus is one of those things that when you finally get around to making yourself, you wonder why you ever forked out $4 for a tiny tub of … Continue reading

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I’m pretty chuffed with this vintage Hawaiian print dress I found at an op shop in Melbourne recently. Perhaps even smug. It fits like a glove which is rare for me with vintage finds as older garments tend to be … Continue reading

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Yesterday my man-friend and I headed to the park armed with blankets, cushions, newspapers and delicious food and drink to bask in the sunshine for a couple of hours (really the only sun-related activity available to those living 400km from the … Continue reading

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How to: clean silver jewellery at home

  “I’m a bit of a silver jewellery fiend” might be an understatement. I don’t remember how or when it started but I’ve somehow ended up with piles of the stuff from all over the place and it tends to … Continue reading

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