Whimsical Tree

So, novelty photo booths have done the rounds at weddings and over-the-top corporate parties for ages now (really, who wants a lasting memory of themselves with that random middle aged woman from accounts or that guy from IT who never speaks?!). Anyway, may I present the new, hip alternative: the lights tree! I went to a cocktail party last night, part organised by my lovely friend G, who had the genius idea of buying this magical tree, which EVERYONE wanted their photo in and in front of.


You can see why, right?! I have heaps of photos of strangers and the tree, they asked me to snap them. Strange. There was also an impressive amount of neck candy on display. I have me some styish friends.

We ate gourmet pizza and sipped cheap sparkling (deja vu). Detox next week!

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1 Response to Whimsical Tree

  1. allthingsfabulousblog says:

    This is a fabulous idea, love it! Looks so pretty! And you are looking great in that blazer, love how bright it is!!

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