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5 things the photo-taker in your life wants you to know

You know that person, the one always wielding an unwieldy camera at social gatherings just snap, snap, snapping away capturing life’s greatest moments? That’s me. I’m definitely the photo-taker in my family and in my circle of friends and I … Continue reading

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A wedding in Tasmania & a new camera lens 

Last weekend Andy and I attended a wedding in Tasmania. It was a lovely few days and a great opportunity to try out my new camera lens. I have a Samsung NX1000 mirrorless camera (also called a compact DSLR) and … Continue reading

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3 fun ways to display your travel photos & memories

One of the best parts about coming home from a trip is going back through the photos, right?! Except all too often your travel snaps are left languishing on phones and memory cards before becoming long forgotten digital clutter. While … Continue reading

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LEGO Travellers in Esperance

I love this. What an adorable way to take holiday snaps! LEGO Travellers is run by a Scottish couple who are road tripping around Australia photographing their pint sized counterparts in iconic destinations. They have a Facebook page and an Instagram … Continue reading

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New cameras

It may surprise few people to learn that I enjoy taking photos. I have about 4000 photos on my iPhone alone. Not to mention almost 15,000 on my MacBook… No wonder it runs slower than a herd of snails travelling … Continue reading

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Paris after dark

I was about to title this post Travel Tuesday. And then I realised it’s Wednesday. Ugh. I love Paris at night. Everything is so sparkly. Drinking cheap red wine on the banks of the Seine. Inky. Possibly the worst photo … Continue reading

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Whimsical Tree

So, novelty photo booths have done the rounds at weddings and over-the-top corporate parties for ages now (really, who wants a lasting memory of themselves with that random middle aged woman from accounts or that guy from IT who never … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesdays: Amsterdam

This weeks TT is very timely because on the weekend just gone one year ago, I was in Amsterdam with one of my all-time favourite people. What a city. I don’t think I need to delve into too many details … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesdays: The Narcissist Globe Trotter

This week’s Travel Tuesday features photos that are slightly different to your average holiday photos. While travelling one tends always to have their camera handy, so why trust mirrors when shopping when you can take a photo to scrutinise?! I … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse

Before, during, after. Today I was innocently lying on my bed looking at things on the interwebs when the world began to end. The sky turned red, trees and fences came crashing down and the lights started to flicker. Today … Continue reading

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