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Cupcakes in ice cream cones

Friends, feast your eyes on these: Why yes, those are cupcakes baked into ice cream cones. Rocky road cupcakes with marshmallow frosting to be precise. I saw the recipe on A Beautiful Mess and tweaked it a bit. The flags … Continue reading

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My top 3 NYC delis

This post was inspired by Hannah‘s NYC eating map. It’s really cool. I wanted in. The following places aren’t particularly hip or unknown, but they are the best. There is nothing I love more than a three-inch thick pastrami sandwich … Continue reading

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Things that make me happy: bunting

Ahhh bunting. Because who doesn’t want to look like they are permanently celebrating a royal jubilee? Tell me about the bunting in your life.

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Wearing My Wardrobe January update + tips

(SO in this post I prove that I can accurately convey emotions through facial expressions and hand gestures, exciting no?!) I thought it might be time to do an update on my crazed decision not to buy clothes for an … Continue reading

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Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Wow. I made these yesterday and killed myself at spin tonight trying to work off at least one mouthful of the tasty morsels (probably didn’t). The interwebs are in dispute as to the exact origin of red velvet cake, some … Continue reading

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NYE Part 2 or why you should definitely have a photo booth at your next party

I think the popularity of photo booths or stands has something to do with backdrops and props taking the awkward out of posing for a photograph at a party. I actually have no idea, seeing as I obviously have no … Continue reading

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Wearing My Wardrobe 2013

This is happening. I will buy no new clothes in 2013. Why? For a fun challenge. To get creative with what I wear. To appreciate what I have. To stop mindlessly buying clothes, wasting money and contributing to landfill. The … Continue reading

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My top 5 blog posts for 2012

This time of year, the internet is rife with ‘year in review’ style blog posts and although it is already Jan 4 I thought I’d join the party (late, with a box a barbeque shapes and a bottle of Yellow). … Continue reading

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On the holidays I….

On the first day back at school we were always forced to write about our holidays. If you tried to get out of it by insisting you did nothing, the teacher was wont to retort “unless you sat in a … Continue reading

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NYE part 1: The Meatball &Wine Bar

Hello! Been a bit quiet around these parts lately. But all that is due to change, what with my in-house internet connection and lack of extracurricular activities. I’ve been in Melbourne since Dec 21 living it up, eating, drinking and … Continue reading

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