NYE part 1: The Meatball &Wine Bar

Hello! Been a bit quiet around these parts lately. But all that is due to change, what with my in-house internet connection and lack of extracurricular activities. I’ve been in Melbourne since Dec 21 living it up, eating, drinking and shopping. Today I fly back to the West, but before I do, lets play catch up.

End of 2012 celebrations began with lunch on NYE at the Meatball & Wine Bar. I went with Tarn who you may remember from the Touche Ombre post. Tarn and I met in 2003 or 2004 in Mr Batrouni’s english class. She is more fun than a trip to the puppy dog and fireworks factory and has the best wardrobe I’ve ever seen. More Acne than a pubescent teenage boy. But I digress.

We went for a lunch of balls and booze.

Meatball and Wine Bar 1

We started with Lick Pier alcoholic ginger beer and thinly sliced Prosciutto di San Daniele. Then we shared pork, fennel, sage and orange balls on Italian beans with pesto salsa verde sauce and chicken, pistachio, muscatels and parmesan balls on broccoli with italian tomato sauce. And a couple of glasses of Pino Grigio.

Meatball and Wine Bar 2

It was all delicious. But it was a shame they had run out of beef meatballs. How a restaurant specialising in meatballs runs out of a fundamental ball-of-meat ingredient may just be the mystery of 2012.

For dessert we shared a Whoopie Mac; homemade ice cream sandwiched between two macarons. One was almond, the other was strawberry. We wanted both to be almond, but the chef didn’t.

Whoopie Mac

We left stuffed and parted ways to attend our respective parties. I went to a South Pacific themed party. Photos to come!

I’ve got a few New Years resolutions up my sleeve, but the big ticket item is of course Wear My Wardrobe 2013. I have (stupidly) resolved not to buy any clothes for an entire year. I will do a dedicated post about it tomorrow.

What about you? How have you spent the festive season? Got any crazy resolutions like me?

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1 Response to NYE part 1: The Meatball &Wine Bar

  1. Hannah says:

    A friend and I tried to go to here last time I was in Melbourne but the wait was too long. Seeing as though I don’t eat meat I’m not sure whether it would have been the best choice anyway, but I’ve heard it’s the new hip place to be down there! Maybe I should just go for the dessert – that looks amazing!

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