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Lockdown 2.0

Hello there. How are you going? We are three weeks into what is meant to be a six-week lockdown. But the way our numbers are going, many people are sure it will be extended. It’s such a bizarre period of … Continue reading

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A plant-filled Melbourne apartment tour

I really love taking a sneak peek inside peoples’ homes. Often for decor inspiration but also because there’s something so intimate and fascinating about seeing what’s on someone’s bedside table. Or what’s stuck to the fridge. I hang out for … Continue reading

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Four ways I’m embracing winter 

I haven’t had a proper winter in a long time. I lived in the land of perpetual sunshine for three and a half years (Western Australia) and then chased summer around the world for a year and a half. As … Continue reading

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A sunny Melbourne Sunday

On Sunday morning Mum and I woke bright and early at our airbnb apartment and headed to a lane way I’m confident most Melbournians will be familiar with: Yep, we braved the Fathers Day crowds and went to St Ali … Continue reading

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David’s Restaurant

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as many dumplings as I did on the weekend just gone in Melbourne. It started on Friday night with two of my closest friends and my sister at China Red. China Red has a … Continue reading

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48 hours in Melbourne

We had almost exactly 48 hours in Melbourne after arriving at lunchtime last Sunday from Hobart and flying out to Perth again at lunchtime on Tuesday. So I did what I love to do most in Melbourne; eat. Mum picked … Continue reading

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Things I miss about Melbourne

Yesterday I finished compiling a list of Melbourne restaurant, bar, cafe and activity recommendations for my housemate. I capped it at three pages long. I’ve been feeling pangs of homesickness ever since. Obviously I’m really happy with where I live, but … Continue reading

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NYE part 1: The Meatball &Wine Bar

Hello! Been a bit quiet around these parts lately. But all that is due to change, what with my in-house internet connection and lack of extracurricular activities. I’ve been in Melbourne since Dec 21 living it up, eating, drinking and … Continue reading

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My Weekend in Melbourne

I had the best weekend. I flew to Melbourne on the red eye from Perth on Thursday night. On Friday I hung out with my sister and Mum, we went shopping and had Yum Cha. On Friday night I had … Continue reading

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Welcome to Australia. Where everyone hates each other.

One of the first differences I observed upon moving from the east coast of Australia to the west coast was this: all over food packaging, advertising and various media the ultimate selling point over here is ‘Made in Western Australia’, … Continue reading

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