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A sunny Melbourne Sunday

On Sunday morning Mum and I woke bright and early at our airbnb apartment and headed to a lane way I’m confident most Melbournians will be familiar with: Yep, we braved the Fathers Day crowds and went to St Ali … Continue reading

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Melbourne Bucket-List Item 3.

Consume Delicious Coffee I thought I had missed item 3! But then I remembered that on Friday the fam, some friends and I stopped at Snow Pony on the way to the airport. Possibly the trendiest cafe in all of … Continue reading

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The Melbourne Bucket-List

In less than a week I depart Melbourne- my hometown and partial love of my life, for dustier pastures in Western Australia. As excited as I am to begin the next chapter I think a lengthy and drawn-out fair well … Continue reading

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Heide & Seek

Some days, I can’t even be bothered pretending to enjoy modern art (oh! First World misery). On those days, I make a beeline for the gallery cafe (and giftshop). Last week, my gorgeous friend Sophie from Canberra- conveniently stranded in … Continue reading

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Salford Lads Club

Yesterday four of us sat in the warm oasis of this cafe and watched the spectacularly shit Melbourne weather roll in from Port Philip Bay. I’m talking horizontal rain and trees. Apart from the usual pleasantries of being inside during … Continue reading

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Manchester Press

When my Sydney friend Claire (pictured with teapot) came to visit Melbourne I knew I had to take her for a ‘Melbourne’ coffee, preferably in an obscure lane way. The best option: Manchester Press. Located at 8 Rankins Lane, this … Continue reading

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