The Melbourne Bucket-List

In less than a week I depart Melbourne- my hometown and partial love of my life, for dustier pastures in Western Australia. As excited as I am to begin the next chapter I think a lengthy and drawn-out fair well of this fair city is in order. So I have comprised a bucket-list to complete before I leave on an airplane on Friday.

1. Attend an AFL Game (Australian Football League for my international readers) Melbourne’s love for this sport knows no bounds. My Dad often says those living in Melbourne not following the football are at a significant social disadvantage. He’s absolutely right. A friend from interstate once asked me why I chose to barrack for Carlton FC seeing as I do not, nor have I ever lived in the suburb of Carlton. Her question baffled me mostly because she assumed I had a choice in the team I follow. I live and breathe Carlton because my Dad bestowed me the privilege to do so at birth. To choose a team is like to choose your own name; bizarre and plain weird. I go to games most weekends, so I obviously need to fit one in before I leave.    

2. Attend a Fashion Event Melburnians think they live in the fashion capital of Australia. We’re probably right. I don’t wish to get into an argument with Sydneysiders on this issue. I just need to get invited somewhere amazing before heading off to live in a mining town.

3. Consume Delicious Coffee Apparently Melbourne has the best coffee in Australia, which is mandatory given our aspirations to be ‘cosmopolitan’ and ‘European’. So although I’m more of a tea girl, I’d better drink some before I leave. Preferably somewhere pretentious, in a lane way where they only serve organic milk. This one will be easy.

4. See a live band/contemporary movement piece/art exhibition We’re also superior when it comes to arts. Go figure.

5. Get out of Melbourne if there’s one thing Melburnians love as much as Melbourne it’s getting out of the city for the weekend. Whether it’s to the beach (don’t get me started on the Peninsula vs Great Ocean Road cliques), wine country or to the snow, getting away allows Melburnians the chance to complain about how inferior the coffee is, how they couldn’t catch the game at the MCG or how lacking in artistic flair their weekend destination was.

There are also a few other things like go shopping, eating authentic food from three different continents in one day, and riding on a tram.

Any others I’ve missed?

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4 Responses to The Melbourne Bucket-List

  1. KDids says:

    Have a glass of wine in a hidden away bar with your friends 🙂

  2. Number 5 – makes Melburnians sound like Londoners.

  3. Jill Brewin says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    Melbourne and I will miss you terribly. However I am so excited for you, what a wonderful opportunity! Your Dad is certainly blessed with 2 talented daughters! For someone who likes to boast, you have really given him something to boast about. Apart from being glamorous and beautiful you both have such keen wit and sense of fun, which I love the most. I do feel this can be to your Dad’s detriment, as you are quite wicked in some of the fun you poke at him. I hope to be able to see you before you depart, so close next Friday! Love and best wishes for your sojourn in that Mining metropolis, Gran Jill

  4. Anita Mac says:

    Great idea – bucket list from home!!! I am sure WA will give you so many new wonderful things to do and try – but Melbourne is a city that beckons!!! Have only been twice – once to see the Melbourne Cup and some crazy shopping and the second as the jump off point to cycle the Great Ocean Road! Hope to be back in another year with some friends – will spend a little more time in Melbourne, but essentially, we will be touring around, bicycles in check!

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