Candy-Coloured Communism

I’m no political or historical scientist but perhaps the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 would have been more favourably met by those frolicking in the Prague Spring if propaganda used by the Soviets had been disseminated in fetching candy colours. Just a theory.

Original photo of the black & white propaganda taken by me at the Communism Museum in Prague. They love to make light of the irony of being situated next to Macdonalds.

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2 Responses to Candy-Coloured Communism

  1. Guillaume says:

    Hey Rebecca,
    How did you come up with this idea/theory? By the way, I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Keep up the good work and the magnificent pictures!


  2. camo says:

    things would have been a lot different if not for black and white publishing limitations

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