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Cash for Comment

The cash for comment scandal is to first year journalism students what Donoghue vs Stevensen is to first year law students. While Donohue vs Stevensen is studied to demonstrate how the modern concept of negligence came about (and why you … Continue reading

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Why I love Thursdays

Every Thursday morning, delicious sour dough bread arrives magically* on our doorstep. It’s like having the Father Christmas of bread visit once a week and I don’t have to spend the rest of the day with relatives I would sooner bump … Continue reading

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Dry July

Very excited to have received my first Dry July donation! A huge thanks to my Mum! For anyone who hasn’t heard of Dry July, it means a month of sober fun ahead for me in order to raise money for … Continue reading

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A very un-bloggable day

Yesterday was bad. And by bad I acknowledge that given my very comfortable life, supportive family and friends, good health and education it wasn’t that bad (excuse the disclaimer, I have just spent an evening watching moving television programmes about … Continue reading

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Heide & Seek

Some days, I can’t even be bothered pretending to enjoy modern art (oh! First World misery). On those days, I make a beeline for the gallery cafe (and giftshop). Last week, my gorgeous friend Sophie from Canberra- conveniently stranded in … Continue reading

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Lucky Number Seven

Trying out some new purchases on a windy Melbourne day.

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Salford Lads Club

Yesterday four of us sat in the warm oasis of this cafe and watched the spectacularly shit Melbourne weather roll in from Port Philip Bay. I’m talking horizontal rain and trees. Apart from the usual pleasantries of being inside during … Continue reading

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BP Bargains

Because nothing says redemption like cheap and cheerful cosmetics. Yes BP spilt 174, 383, 776 gallons (or enough to fill 290 olympic sized swimming pools) of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico last year after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig … Continue reading

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‘Last Friday Night’ and other Fake Anthems

You know anthems. The songs that, despite location- from humble local pubs to seedy super clubs, despite audience and levels of inebriation seem infallible in their ability to incite loud singing, fist pumping, finger pointing, head banging excitement from The … Continue reading

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The James Macready-Bryan Cup

This Saturday June 18 is the James Macready-Bryan Cup, a charity football game between Carey Grammar and Caulfield Grammar to raise money for the JMB Foundation. The JMB Foundation raises much needed funds for the rehabilitation and care of young … Continue reading

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