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An honest review of the San Blas Islands boat trip

The San Blas Islands are a group of 378 islands off the coast of Panama in the Caribbean sea. The archipelago is relatively untouched by major tourism because the area is entirely controlled by the native Kuna people. You can tour … Continue reading

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The year that was 2014

2014 has been a pretty great year. One of the best parts of having a blog is that it’s a convenient photo diary to look back on, in fact it makes it hard to pick out the best times. I’ve … Continue reading

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Touche Hombre

I’m probably the last of thousands to blog about this restaurant, but as I wait for regional WA to take up Mexican food with the same vigour that Melbourne has (shhyeah right), I may as well reminisce… About a month ago … Continue reading

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Salford Lads Club

Yesterday four of us sat in the warm oasis of this cafe and watched the spectacularly shit Melbourne weather roll in from Port Philip Bay. I’m talking horizontal rain and trees. Apart from the usual pleasantries of being inside during … Continue reading

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Manchester Press

When my Sydney friend Claire (pictured with teapot) came to visit Melbourne I knew I had to take her for a ‘Melbourne’ coffee, preferably in an obscure lane way. The best option: Manchester Press. Located at 8 Rankins Lane, this … Continue reading

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