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What it feels like to be hypnotised

Yesterday Bec and I were hypnotised by renowned hypnotist Matthew Hale on live radio. We volunteered ourselves for the segment on the Mornings program a week ago and were really excited until it actually dawned on us that we had … Continue reading

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Sibling Rivalry

(Thanks to Mum for the above matching batik pattern two-piece ensembles)  I was reading an article on Mamamia today about sibling rivalry, particularly between sisters. So I took a little trip down memory lane. As a general rule my sister, … Continue reading

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Things I’m scared of

What are you scared of? I’m not talking about things like failure or ending up alone or dead and not being discovered until your cats have eaten your carcass and alerted neighbours in their quest for more food, I mean … Continue reading

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Kalgoorlie’s Night of Nights

Remember last year how I blogged about balls? Well on Saturday night we did it again. A decent chunk of the population of Kalgoorlie swapped high-vis overalls for suits and gowns and hit the local gymnasium for a good old … Continue reading

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I’m back at the beach, just for one night for work. It’s been just two weekends since I was last here and already everything is different. I have Twilight Beach all to myself this morning. It’s calm. No technicolor beach … Continue reading

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I think the ‘downs’ have it

This evening I asked the people of Instagram whether I should wear my hair up or down for a ball this weekend. The answer was overwhelmingly ‘down’, 22 to 2. Your thoughts? My housemate did point out to me that … Continue reading

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Adventures on Tinder: some tips for men

So a few weeks ago, as I sat bored at Perth airport I signed up for popular 20-something dating app Tinder. I’d never tried any kind of online dating and honestly was signing up more out of curiosity and looking … Continue reading

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Horses and hangovers

I’ve blogged about the races so many times, that I’ve run out of ideas for what to call these posts. So I figure ‘horses and hangovers’ is a pretty apt description for spending a day trackside. On Saturday we donned … Continue reading

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Farewelling Summer

I’m feeling more than the usual amount of back-to-work blues at the end of this long weekend. It seems ridiculous saying this as temperatures of up to 36 degrees are forecast for later this week, but it feels like the … Continue reading

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