My favourite moments from our wedding

Our wedding day really exceeded all my expectations.  Looking back at our photos is such a delight and our wedding photographer Kyra Boyer really captured everything perfectly. Here are some of my favourite moments:

Getting ready

I am so fortunate to have an amazing hairdresser and a fantastic makeup artist as good friends. With Jess doing our hair and Claire on makeup it was such a lovely, relaxed day and I was really comfortable in asking for what I wanted and for tweaks here and there. My sister Sarah, bridesmaids Bec and Kate and mum were all so happy with how we looked. We had pretty much a whole day of hanging out and we chatted about the most bizarre range of topics from superannuation to Jessica Simpson. It was a very calm way to get the ball rolling.

Claire touching up my face while Jess shows Bec how to attach my veil ❤

Walking down the aisle 

It sounds obvious that the aisle would be a big moment but I can’t believe the relief of getting to this point (and not tripping over or catching my dress on the nearby miniature train tracks… ). I was so happy to be walking with dad to my bridesmaid Bec and my good friend Rob performing Can’t Help Falling in Love and the excitement and calm that came with finally seeing Andy at the end of the aisle. Expert tip: get yourself talented friends.

Looking out at our guests during the ceremony 

I think I read on a blog somewhere to take a moment to look out at your guests during the ceremony and I’m so glad I remembered to. It’s quite surreal to have everyone you love assembled around you, smiling. And looking pretty damn fancy as well. I’m not sure I’ll ever have this again.

Seeing people actually playing croquet 

Our ceremony was in a park in front of a huge old gum tree. We approached the neighbouring croquet club to use their facilities for our cocktail hour, so we’d have access to a kitchen and bathroom, and mostly so we wouldn’t get fined for public drinking. They said they would have some of their members to lead the croquet playing but I really thought most people would be preoccupied with drinking and chatting. I was thrilled to see people really getting into the croquet and lawn games! Random, but fun!

Playing finska

Entering our reception

We planned for the groomsmen to walk into the reception to Lonely Boy by the Black Keys, the bridesmaids to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift and then we’d follow to Layla by Derek and the Dominoes. I had worried it might be a bit flat and lame but I guess after two hours of drinking and general excitement, our guests were bound to get into it. There was cheering, clapping, singing, air-guitaring, the lot. It was so much fun, Layla really has the greatest guitar riff of all time. Some of my favourite photos were captured during this part of the day:


“You got me on my kneeeees”

Changing out of my wedding dress (in the street)

My friend  and wedding coordinator Shea kindly stored a short, sparkly dress for me to change into in her car. We had planned to bring it inside but it turned out to be easier just to change right there, next to her car, in the street. So I stood there, a couple of bridesmaids unhooking the many buttons, someone holding a phone for light, and someone helping me into the sparkly dress. It must have looked pretty bizarre to the poor unsuspecting souls driving past. It was such a relief to get the big white dress off, I felt like a reptile shedding a particularly large, bulky skin for some fun sequin scales.

Seeing friends mingle 

There is nothing more satisfying than socially engineering great conversations via your seating chart. I loved seeing unlikely chats take place between our favourite people.

Burning up the dance floor 

As far as I’m concerned the best part of any wedding is its dance floor. All the formalities are done and you can just let your hair down. The novelty sunglasses were a bonus. This is when I felt the most at ease. Our first dance was a cha cha to Come and Get Your Love by Redbone.

So fun.

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