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I live in the land of ridiculous sunsets

On my evening run last Thursday I was heading over a bridge facing this: ‘Pink waves!’ I thought, ‘how pretty’. Then I turned around, looked in the opposite direction and saw this: Jaw dropping, eye-searingly beautiful. We are very spoilt with … Continue reading

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Overestimating the power of my mind

I’ve always been a ridiculously enthusiastic proponent of ‘mind over matter’. But, having never once done anything practical to strengthen my ‘positive mind power’, it seems rather implausible that I should wake one day being able to heal myself with positive … Continue reading

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LEGO Travellers in Esperance

I love this. What an adorable way to take holiday snaps! LEGO Travellers is run by a Scottish couple who are road tripping around Australia photographing their pint sized counterparts in iconic destinations. They have a Facebook page and an Instagram … Continue reading

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30 thoughts I had during yesterday’s trip to Medicare

Yesterday I had to go to the Medicare (NHS for you Brits) office to update my address. Why this can’t be done online is beyond me. I was dreading it because usually visits to public service offices involve a lot … Continue reading

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Earl Grey Cupcakes

The first time I had Earl Grey tea was at my friend Tarn’s house when we were teenagers. Whenever I smell that heavily perfumed bergamot orange aroma it makes me think of her. When I lived in Vienna my good … Continue reading

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5 hilarious things from around the internet this week

This list of 21 Simple Hacks That Will Significantly improve your life (like the one above). Rap tshirts for white people Why are we all so lame?! This bizarrely detailed step-by-step guide on how to stop a wedding (bookmark, just in … Continue reading

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What would your last meal be?

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this photography project by Henry Hargreaves called No Seconds. Intrigued by the tradition of offering Last Meals to condemned prisoners, Hargreaves set out to recreate and photograph meals requested by some of America’s most … Continue reading

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Marshmallow, pretzel, peanut butter & chocolate slice

This is the slice I made for Lauren’s circus party as mentioned in yesterday’s post. It was absolutely delicious, but very full on and not for those who aren’t a fan of the whole salty/sweet thing. The recipe is from … Continue reading

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Under the Big Top: Lauren’s Circus Themed 30th

It’s pretty safe to say I’d been looking forward to this party for a long time. Two months in fact. That’s when I purchased the bulk of my costume online. On Friday night, the bearded man and I had another … Continue reading

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Accidental salmon overdose: honey, soy & mustard glaze

You know what I learnt this week? NO ONE likes salmon. I like salmon, maybe you like salmon? But NO ONE I know likes salmon. Or they are allergic. How selfish. Unfortunately I only learnt this after defrosting a 4 … Continue reading

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