Under the Big Top: Lauren’s Circus Themed 30th

It’s pretty safe to say I’d been looking forward to this party for a long time. Two months in fact. That’s when I purchased the bulk of my costume online. On Friday night, the bearded man and I had another fancy dress party that involved dressing as school kids complete with packed lunches in our tiny backpacks. It was heaps of fun but I was really saving myself for Saturday night.

Saturday finally rolled around and Emily and I found ourselves wrist deep in fondant and delirious in a way only excessive cake making can cause. We’d been charged with baking the cake by Lauren’s husband Dave and decided on a two tiered chocolate mud cake. Having never used fondant before I left that part in Em’s capable hands (literally) and did the baking part myself. It was quite an operation and one that probably deserves it’s own post, if I can muster up the strength.

We were pretty happy with the end result, particularly with the addition of Circus themed Duplo:


Delightfully juvenile

But onto the night. Lauren hired a local bowls club, which was an excellent idea because it turns out a bowling green is an excellent place to host a giant bouncy castle (just don’t get me started on the logistics and pain of jumping in a corset).


The birthday girl Lauren, Em & I

I bought my corset and tutu online and added a second tutu underneath for modesty purposes (the one from my sailor girl costume). I bought white fishnets from a local dance-wear shop, ripped some disgusting feathers off the mini hat which came from a junk shop, my gloves also came from the sailor costume and the parasol I bought on ebay, but shouldn’t have bothered because it was a pain to carry around.

Everyone really made an effort with costumes and looked outstanding. Bec’s boyfriend Scott must really love her to don a full length pink onesie and a rainbow wig:



I really must give a similar shout out to Andrew, who went as the bearded lady to a party where he barely knew anyone. He did draw the line at heading out to the pub afterwards though, which is fair enough.


Also dedicated.

We were well fed with mini hot dogs, pizza, curry in little noodle boxes, roast and gravy rolls, chips, cheese and lots of other party food I probably don’t want to remember eating. I could probably identify most of it by looking at my white gloves, which aren’t really white anymore. Classy!


Scott, SJ, Anthea and Em with some circus eats


‘Little boys’ as my Dad calls them… Gross.


SJ, Dylan, Chelsea, Alexis and I


No doubt using my intellect and persuasion to make a really important point.


Em, Chelsea, Ellenmary, Me, Lecki and Bec

Ellenmary, a bear tamer, decked herself out with amazing vintage tattoos that she printed and applied herself:


Ellenmary has graced several of my costume parties looking rather horrifying (one time her bloody frost-bitten face actually frightened people) so it was nice to see her looking so glam! And she mentioned it was nice not to have people recoil at the sight of her. Here’s a closer look:


All night I kept thinking how great it looked and how she really should consider getting each one of them permanently tattooed on. Then on Sunday I saw a photo of Ellenmary in regular clothes (still with all the tattoos on) and it didn’t quite look as romantic…


My bearded lady and I


Clownin’ around


Paula, Lecki and I


Scot, Dylan, Em, SJ, Owen, Ellenmary and Lecki


I have no idea what I’m doing.


Em, Scott, Bec. Ellenmary, Owen, Emma, Andrew and Laura


Meg, Dave and Paula


Bec and Bec

Lauren about to cut into her birthday cake:


The cake turned out really well! Pat on the back to Em and I. I was also really pleased with a chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel and marshmallow slice I made for the party. They were salty and sweet and delicious. Three people came up and told me how much they enjoyed them, which was nice. I’ll post the recipe this week.

After cake cutting there was dancing, more drinking and bouncing. There was also a few rather violent games of ‘stacks on’ inside the bouncy castle, which I don’t have photos of for obvious reasons. Let’s just say people emerged looking very haggard and that adults probably shouldn’t be allowed bouncy castles at their parties.

It’s a pretty good indication your night is nearing completion when the kissing photos begin…




It’s also a good indication when you fall asleep in someone’s lap and wake and asked to be taken home… not that I did that of course.

Before long the clowns packed into their tiny cars, the circus animals were re-caged and the acrobats came down from their high wires and trapezes for the night. Some of us were pretty sad it was over.


Sad clowns.

But we were happy to have been there. Thanks for hosting us Lauren and Dave! It was an excellent night. I wonder what the next costume party will be…

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8 Responses to Under the Big Top: Lauren’s Circus Themed 30th

  1. Claire says:

    “I wonder what the next costume party will be…”

    Hopefully one where Claire can go. Its been too long since my last costume party.

  2. mully1 says:

    Didn’t that bearded guy just win Eurovision? 😀

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