Accidental salmon overdose: honey, soy & mustard glaze

You know what I learnt this week? NO ONE likes salmon. I like salmon, maybe you like salmon? But NO ONE I know likes salmon. Or they are allergic. How selfish.

Unfortunately I only learnt this after defrosting a 4 pack of salmon steaks, and only 3 steaks in, I’m beginning to wonder how much I like salmon…


For rounds one and two of salmon groundhog day I just threw those fishy fillets in the oven and squeezed lemon over the top. By round three I needed something different.


Of course my honey has crystallized…

So I combined two tablespoons of honey, two of soy sauce, two teaspoons of mustard and a dash of lime juice. I fried the last two salmon fillets in a bit of olive oil on each side until cooked. Then I removed the fillets, put the honey soy mustard concoction in the pan and let it simmer away for about two or three minutes.

I made some cous cous (rice’s friendlier and easier cousin) and steamed some beans then poured half the sauce on top.

It was outstanding.


And today I get to have it again for lunch… Yay….

Do YOU like salmon? How should I cook it next time?

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12 Responses to Accidental salmon overdose: honey, soy & mustard glaze

  1. oldgothchick says:

    I love salmon, snapper or tilapia filets (frozen) in the Summertime on the grill—this is how I do it: I take slices of sweet onion (rings) and bell pepper and ripe tomato (beefsteaks) and yellow summer squash (< a MUST!) and layer them on an ample piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and I "boat it to hold in the juices, then I add the fish on top of the vegetables and I season it with a marinade I made with Liquid Smoke, minced garlic, lemon (or lime) juice and just a bit of beer and sea salt. I fold up the foil tightly around the package making a "handle" to lift it with and place it on the lowest (hottest) part of the grill for 10-15 minutes (could be longer depending on the thickness and the heat). when I am sure the fish is "steamed" through I open the package and make sure i do not spill any of the broth and enjoy!

  2. I LOVE salmon. My favourite way to cook it is in a “bag” in the oven. Sit the salmon on some sliced lemon on al foil, then top with butter, salt and pepper, and anything else you like, herbs, garlic, capers, a little white wine etc… Seal up the al foil bag then pop into a really really hot oven for about 8 minutes. Done! The best thing is it doesn’t stink out the kitchen like pan frying does, and you get an instant sauce to go with your salmon too!

    • Bec says:

      Yum! I’ve aways wanted to use those roasting bags. My Dad did a roast chicken in one once and it was outstanding. Thanks for this, can’t wait to try it.

  3. Lauren says:

    If you ever have a salmon crisis, I am here for you. Love it. I generally do crispy skin with salt and pepper then serve over steamed greens. Also in risotto with asparagus & pumpkin!

  4. Fiona Hawke says:

    Salmon is beautiful served tender and not over-cooked or overloaded with flavours that over-dominate the delicate salmon taste. I love it cooked in a pan, or on a grill. I’m happy to crust the skin with flavoursome stuff (I prefer middle eastern spices) and leave the flesh plain. Cook skin-side down for a few minutes until crisp and enjoy. If you prefer “cooked through”, just flip it for a few minutes. Then you can serve it how you like – with rice, broken up in a warm salad, with some crusty bread or in a pasta.

    • Bec says:

      Is this Fiona of the famous Zach Harrys fish and chip shop?! Thanks for your advice! I love your shop.

      I used to like salmon cooked through, I think it was the change in texture from the cooked part on the outside to the raw part on the inside that put me off. But now I like it nice and rare. Thanks again!

  5. I’d happily demolish a whole 4-pack with you ๐Ÿ˜€
    Herby, citrus, oriental – anything goes with me!
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

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