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Adventures in north eastern Victoria

Well hello. Unemployment and homelessness going swell so far. Since leaving Kalgoorlie on Friday we’ve spent one night in Melbourne (had amazing Korean BBQ here), and on Saturday after yum cha we drove with Mum up to her place in … Continue reading

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Goodbye Kalgoorlie

Jobs have been quit, bags and lives packed, goodbyes spoken and tears cried (oh with plenty more to come!). It’s hard to explain how much moving to a remote outback town has impacted my life and how much I’ve loved … Continue reading

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Pilates please

Back in uni I used to work as a receptionist at a physio/Pilates studio. When it was quiet I used to jump on the reformers and do some movements that would help my neck and thoracic spine (between the shoulder … Continue reading

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Come Fly With Me – our farewell party

I’m back after a 10 day hiatus! Apologies, it turns out that packing your life into two 23kg suitcases, winding up your job and preparing to leave the town where you’ve lived for over 3 years is rather time consuming… … Continue reading

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5 obscure things I’m looking forward to in the USA

In case you missed it, I quit my job to travel indefinitely. First stop: USA. 1. CVS and Duane Reade American pharmacies are something else. For one thing, they sell beer and just about everything under the sun. The cosmetics … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

Vegetarians avert your eyes. On Sunday morning we put a roll of pork shoulder in the oven. Three hours later we had this: After another hour it was ready. Complete with homemade gravy and apple sauce. Drool. Is there anything … Continue reading

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Good Friday

Good Friday means two things to me: hot cross buns and no shops open. So today we’ve eaten great food, been for a walk and watched most of season two of House of Cards. Perfect. Aren’t the flowers beautiful? Andrew … Continue reading

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