Adventures in north eastern Victoria

Well hello. Unemployment and homelessness going swell so far. Since leaving Kalgoorlie on Friday we’ve spent one night in Melbourne (had amazing Korean BBQ here), and on Saturday after yum cha we drove with Mum up to her place in country Vic.

We’ve been doing a lot of eating, walking and relaxing.


Gardenia’s on my bedside table, they smell amazing


Breakfast on Sunday morning, candied bacon not shown

On Sunday we took a drive through the Strathbogie Ranges, stopping at Polly McGuinn falls.


Mum with Charlie (the dog)


The falls



Spotted lots of farm life on our walks. Including two unimpressed cows.


And went past the picturesque Euroa Butter Factory (breakfast here is incredible).


Yesterday it was cool enough to light the fire, bliss.


Dessert for two… going to leave at least 3kg heavier.

We’ve also been doing a bit of planning for our trip, including booking accommodation in Dallas and Lima. Exciting! Today we went to get our yellow fever vaccines and after waiting 50 minutes were told they didn’t have any, despite saying they would order some in when the appointment was booked two weeks ago. Ughhh. I really hate going to the GP.

Be good.

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