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Gender Bender

Today I try: Androgynous Fashion; Androgynous /adj./ 1. Being both male and female; hermaphroditic 2. having both masculine and feminine characteristics 3. having an ambiguous sexual identity I can’t say i’ve ever attempted to be sartorially ‘hermaphroditic’ before. I usually … Continue reading

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California Dreaming

Santa Barbara beach, The Hotel Californian (Santa Barbara), Yosemite National Park, Deep Fried Twinkies (Santa Cruz Boardwalk), Alcatraz Island (San Francisco), Miller’s Garage (Highway 80, Ocotillo), Corn Dog (Santa Monica), Balboa Park (San Diego), Main Street (Santa Barbara) A year ago … Continue reading

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How 1990’s pop music videos gave me unrealistic expectations of love

During the golden era of blond bubblegum pop- what I like to call Britney/Christina/Mandy/Jessica-madness (Spears, Aguilera, Moore, Simpson, respectively), through the dissemination of moving images set to music girls of a certain age (i’m going to say 8-14) came to … Continue reading

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House Warming

Turkish kitchen implements, crazy-delicious salads, Guatemalan masks, the impossible-to-capture-in-focus loveable hound named Oscar, owls, suspiciously green tomatoes, a leftover relic from election night, blue skies and my sister channelling a creepy over-zealous Stepford Wife. All in all I would say … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate On Hipsters

So it seems hipster-bashing is the new black. Need proof? Being a Dickhead’s Cool,, From Cool to Tool, How much hipster can you pack in a Jazz. I wonder if anyone quick to mock hipster ways have ever considered … Continue reading

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Last Days of Autumn

A far more season-friendly outfit post today. I bought this coat from Savers for $16.95 two weeks ago, a welcome addition to my wardrobe just before winter. It’s a wool/cashmere blend and ridiculously warm. Off to the football tonight, go … Continue reading

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Yesterday I bought this clock from Vinnies (an Op Shop, Thrift/Second Hand store) for $5. Isn’t it adorable?! As a child I envisaged having a red one of these which would wake me every morning with its obnoxious ring and … Continue reading

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True Blue or Purple Haze?

So I had a problem trying to pick the perfect cliche post name for this post because I couldn’t figure out whether this dress is purple or blue?! Anyway, lately i’ve found myself strangely attracted to blue dresses and shirts … Continue reading

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Learning to Blog

Before; attempting to photograph myself using my (to be fair, rather lengthy) arm After;  BANG! Testing out my new DSLR camera remote controller in Ted’s Camera Shop. Potentially the most vain purchase in my entire 22 years. I gave the … Continue reading

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Sweet Little Lies

When I first saw this advertisement in Cleo magazine I immediately scanned the ground for the 3D glasses I assumed had tumbled out which would enable me to see said ‘slight’, ‘demi’ and ‘bold’ curves. But alas, my naked eye was … Continue reading

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