True Blue or Purple Haze?

So I had a problem trying to pick the perfect cliche post name for this post because I couldn’t figure out whether this dress is purple or blue?!

Anyway, lately i’ve found myself strangely attracted to blue dresses and shirts when usually blue is a colour I reserve only for jeans. Excitedly, I thought I had somehow fallen prey to a kind of ‘bowerbird syndrome’, a condition discovered by Prof. R K Brewin whereby humans start to hoard items of blue apparel. But if this dress is purple then there goes that theory. Either way, these colours are giving me strong cravings for one of these:

How very odd.

Dress: Savers
Shoes: Wittner
Clutch: Oroton
Watch: Swatch Watch
Bracelet: Bettina Liano
Dog: Passion for Pets

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4 Responses to True Blue or Purple Haze?

  1. Cute outfit! The dress looks blue in my eyes hehe.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Swatch watch? Like.
    and i think i’m gonna have to vote blue for the dress color

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