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No Blogger is an Island

Blogging isn’t a lonely existence. Through my humble corner of the internet I have ‘met’ some lovely and talented ladies. Our little community is so supportive, quick to compliment and even quicker to pick you up when you are down. … Continue reading

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Have we met?

On twitter?   Or perhaps facebook? Or maybe it’s instagram I know you from? No? Perhaps bloglovin’ then? Do you see where I’m going with this?! Come say hi! x

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Yesterday I finished my last ever exam. EVER. No longer do I have to finish work only to rush home and start uni work like a sadist workaholic. I wonder what I’ll do with the 5-6 hours I have from … Continue reading

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Do not fear the pelican

This post has nothing to do with fear. Or pelicans. Sorry to avian enthusiasts who have tuned-in for the first time. I have clearly failed you. Basically I have been so busy during my first week as a real live … Continue reading

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DIY Luxe Home Accessory

I am OBSESSED with DIY blogs at the moment. Especially PS.- I made this… and a pair & a spare.  So I decided to try my hand at a ‘luxe home accessory’ as seen on PS.-I made this. Before: 1. … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate On Hipsters

So it seems hipster-bashing is the new black. Need proof? Being a Dickhead’s Cool, http://www.latfh.com, From Cool to Tool, How much hipster can you pack in a Jazz. I wonder if anyone quick to mock hipster ways have ever considered … Continue reading

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True Blue or Purple Haze?

So I had a problem trying to pick the perfect cliche post name for this post because I couldn’t figure out whether this dress is purple or blue?! Anyway, lately i’ve found myself strangely attracted to blue dresses and shirts … Continue reading

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Learning to Blog

Before; attempting to photograph myself using my (to be fair, rather lengthy) arm After;  BANG! Testing out my new DSLR camera remote controller in Ted’s Camera Shop. Potentially the most vain purchase in my entire 22 years. I gave the … Continue reading

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