Do not fear the pelican

This post has nothing to do with fear. Or pelicans.
Sorry to avian enthusiasts who have tuned-in for the first time. I have clearly failed you.

Basically I have been so busy during my first week as a real live journalist (as opposed to a dead one?!)- writing all day, coming home and then doing work for uni that I’ve had zero lust or time to then write for my blog. Or take photos for my blog. So like a sit-com episode which tries to palm-off clips of used footage as a brand new ‘flashbacks!’ episode, here is a photo of me at the Melbourne Zoo a few months ago. Interacting with a pelican. Cheap shot, I know.

I will have plenty of new material after this weekend y’all. Meanwhile the weather here has been phenomenal and almost too warm for my late winter wardrobe (think 24 degrees and sunshine). Cue shopping.

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