Melbourne Bucket-List Item 3.

Consume Delicious Coffee

I thought I had missed item 3! But then I remembered that on Friday the fam, some friends and I stopped at Snow Pony on the way to the airport. Possibly the trendiest cafe in all of Melbourne’s boring eastern suburbs, everyday weekday from 10am-1pm in a chilling reminder of how many of those don’t attend a workplace, you will battle the ladies who lunch (aka the Puffa Vest Mafia) for a table.

And for good reason. The coffee is good (i’m guessing, i’m obviously no authority on coffee) and the menu is delicious. So I was able to tick-off Bucket-List item 3 AND observe the Thursday Ritual of avocado on toast (albeit a slightly fancier version thereof) ON A FRIDAY. Crazy times.

So my arrival in Kalgoorlie on Friday marks the end of my Bucket-List. Yes I missed one item- ‘4. See a live band/contemporary movement piece/art exhibition’ but to be honest that was not a priority. Also I had such a lovely week of farewells that I couldn’t possibly fit it in.

I start my new job tomorrow, exciting times!

(Images from Urban Spoon)

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