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Lunch at Yirri Grove, Esperance

Living in regional Australia often means returning to the same places to eat and drink over and over again. Unless you live in the Yarra Valley or Margaret River, in which case I commend you on your excellent life choices. … Continue reading

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Sunset fish and chips

Apologies for the brief absence! The only excuse I can think of is that I’ve been outdoors for the last three days, which I think is a pretty watertight excuse right?! I’m still down in Esperance, where the weather is … Continue reading

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Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

I realise I’m probably about to shatter the perception that Australians see kangaroos all the time and even ride them on the commute to school/work, but LOOK! Kangaroos on the beach!! It is really common to see kangaroos hanging out … Continue reading

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Boats, beaches, ice creams and accidents

On Monday we took a cruise around the 105 or so islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of Esperance. There were many rocks to be seen. And some seals. Some Cape Barron geese. And a sea … Continue reading

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How a car accident resulted in the best morning of my life

Yesterday was excellent; my boyfriend Andrew and I went on a cruise around the islands off the coast of Esperance known as the Recherche Archipelago and then to the beach which was calm and perfect for tubing. And then we … Continue reading

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Thistle Cove

Tell me something; why would you go to Scarborough, Bondi or St Kilda when you could have all of this to yourself? Granted, Thistle Cove is a good 770 kilometres from the nearest capital city (Perth) and you will have … Continue reading

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Mr Whippy

What does Mr Whippy (the ice cream van man) do in winter? One of life’s great mysteries.

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Discovering new beaches

At last count I think 17 was the number of times I’ve visited Esperance. But I’ve never seen this delapidated old jetty: I took a walk this afternoon along Castletown Quays to the Tanker Jetty. It was about a 6.5km … Continue reading

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The Big Blue

I am in back in Esperance again. I organised to work out of the office here while I housesit for three weeks. Genius plan. I arrived yesterday and the weather has been on point. $10 says it turns just in … Continue reading

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A summer barbecue & the perfect punch

I had a lovely low key barbecue on Saturday night. To negate some of the drinking that’s been happening lately I made a delicious alcohol free punch. But then I had a glass of sparkling wine anyway… Not because the … Continue reading

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