The Big Blue


I have so many photos of this rock.

I am in back in Esperance again. I organised to work out of the office here while I housesit for three weeks. Genius plan. I arrived yesterday and the weather has been on point. $10 says it turns just in time for the weekend.


Today I finished work, drove straight to Twilight Beach and sat on a rock for a while. When it got too windy I moved to the sand.


The people whose house I’m minding have an amazing veggie patch, chickens that lay 3 eggs a day and a chubby staffy who went nuts when I arrived home today. Adorable. They also have a grumpy bird who tries to bite me. He’ll warm up.


Trying to come up with new ways to photograph the same old beach.

I listened to Serial on the drive down. I listened to the first episode months ago and then forgot to keep going. It’s really great! Do you listen to it? Who do you think is the murderer?

This evening I watched the first ep of season 4 of Girls. It felt like it was over in 5 minutes! Also pretty much everything was in the trailer… But I still loved it. Lena Dunham is the best.

Well, that’s it for this weirdly disjointed blog post. Be good.

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9 Responses to The Big Blue

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Ohh the life!!! That’s so fantastic that you can work from (someone else’s) home like that! Keep the pictures coming, its so beautiful!

  2. courtalkek says:

    I would not know what to do with live chickens. I listened to serial on my flight home and immediately did done serious google searching as soon as I landed. I kinda think he’s guilty but they still have to keep going with it for entertainments sake, but who knows. What do you think?!

  3. What a beautiful spot!
    I particularly love that top photograph šŸ™‚

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