A summer barbecue & the perfect punch

I had a lovely low key barbecue on Saturday night. To negate some of the drinking that’s been happening lately I made a delicious alcohol free punch. But then I had a glass of sparkling wine anyway… Not because the punch wasn’t delicious though! It was. Nice and refreshing and not too sweet. I’m not a fan of sweet drinks.


The punch is equal parts cranberry juice and soda water, with a splash of lemonade to remove some of the tartness of the cranberry. Then I added limes, mint and frozen raspberries and blueberries. And some ice. Yum.


We had so much food that I’ve been dining on the leftovers ever since, last night I made a korma with the leftover steak with some pumpkin and cabbage I had in the vegetable crisper and even had enough leftover for lunch today. I’ve been trying to eat absolutely everything in the cupboard and fridge instead of food shopping in aid of my New Years Resolution to boost my savings account. So far so good! I actually have a lot of food on hand.

But back to the BBQ. It was a gorgeous evening weather wise.


That sky.

I finally had a use for all the jars I’ve been hoarding.


We piled our plates high with meat and salads.


And finished with a (sadly, store bought but nevertheless delicious) pavlova.


I think it went down well.


We talked ridiculous things all evening as the sun went down. I love barbecues.


Doesn’t the teepee look festive with fairly lights?

How are you keeping?

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5 Responses to A summer barbecue & the perfect punch

  1. Jaye Gaff says:

    This all looks divine, even the store bought pavlova. And that teepee? Gorgeous.

    • Bec says:

      Thanks Jaye šŸ™‚ Unfortunately the teepee doesn’t stand up to wind and has since fallen over (I guess cable ties aren’t the best building material…). I was pleasantly surprised by the pav!

  2. courtalkek says:

    Your BBQ looked adorable (and delicous)! Luckily, those are two of my favorite things. šŸ™‚

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