Lazy days

I haven’t taken any holidays over the Christmas New Year period, but copious public holidays have allowed for some delightfully lazy days. Although they have done nothing to quash my social media induced beach holiday envy.


Have baked:


Love this enamel tray far too much

A tray of pumpkin, capsicum, onion and walnuts with a sprinkling of garlic, basil and cinnamon. Goes excellently in salads and wraps, in pasta and atop cous cous and pizza.

The latter demonstrated here:


Too many jalapenos is never enough

The pink frangipanis are in bloom in my backyard:


Looks like I live in a tropical paradise… I don’t.

Lets go in for a closer look:



As two of my New Years Resolutions are to a) de-clutter and b) boost my savings account I took a pile of clothes to my friends’ boutique that does consignment sales:


So long clothes

I did the same thing before Christmas and was rewarded $250 for my unwanted items and the minimal effort of dropping them off at the shop. Thanks Jo!

Actioned these pancakes, which I feel deserve more air time:


I posted the recipe yesterday.

I also actioned a low key BBQ among a few friends and discovered the perfect summer punch concoction. Recipe to come.


Refreshing and not too sweet.

And importantly:


Excuse the post Christmas thighs

A hammock has been purchased. A two person hammock. But if you’re in it alone you can lie sideways as pictured above, which is the final word in comfort. I can’t believe it took me this long to invest in a hammock.


The traditional hammock position.

I also discovered a most excellent blog called Have Some Decorum, which is written by a fabulous sassy woman living in Paris who happens to be paralysed from the neck down due to ALS. Ellie used to be a interior designer with a shop in Santa Barbara, and lived in NYC before Paris. She is amazingly eccentric and recently bought a piece of Napoleon Bonaparte’s wallpaper in an antique sale. I love her. You must go and read her entire back catalogue now. I also took inspiration from the minimalism and cheap groceries on the Gardener’s Cottage. Also the old California wedding that was organised in two weeks was incredible. That would be the only way to endure the customs that come with matrimony, such a ghastly business (the organising and expense I mean).

For many, today will be the first day back at work for 2015. Some may experience post holiday blues. Suffer in your jocks I say. I will miss an empty office.

In a week I’m heading south to Esperance for three weeks. I will work out of the office there and aim to get to the beach every day after work. Cue excitement.

Have you had a break? Make me jealous with your tales of beaches and exotic locales.

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4 Responses to Lazy days

  1. courtalkek says:

    I’m so jealous of your hammock! We don’t even have a patio in our apartment.

    • Bec says:

      I feel your pain, my last house had a tiny concrete courtyard that never saw the sun. It’s nice to have a front and backyard now but it always needs watering or mowing or something!

  2. Jes says:

    Ah, Lazy days. They’re the best kind of days.

    That’s pretty cool you have a hammock. I wish I had one! And the flowers look so beautiful. I bet they smell even better. 🙂

    • Bec says:

      After reading your comment I went out to smell the flowers and you’re right! They do smell amazing. Thanks for reminding me to do that 🙂

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