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Good old fashioned family fun

Last weekend I attended not one, but two, parental parties. The first was my Dad’s 60th. Before everyone arrived we tried to get some nice family shots and actually managed a couple with all eyes open and no mouths in … Continue reading

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I need to address something…

And it’s not my hideous habit of taking bathroom selfies (although that probably needs some work at some point). It’s this: I kind of look like a Von Trapp child modelling the latest in curtain material fashions crafted by Fraulein … Continue reading

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Gazi with the girls

This was us back in 2006: Noa, Claire, Tarn and I. This photo was taken at the end of our final year of high school at the Valedictory Dinner. I want to say that we were fresh faced 18-year-olds, naive … Continue reading

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Sisterly reunion

I made it to Melbourne! After a rather dramatic couple of days (and blog posts) it’s nice to be home. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt though it’s that a break up does wonders for the old blog traffic; there’s … Continue reading

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Thank god you blew it, thank god I dodged a bullet

This post could also be called ‘The difference a day makes’ or ‘what goes around comes around’ or ‘it’s called a break up because it’s broken’. Actually scratch that last one, I’m pretty sure that’s the title of a book … Continue reading

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A breakup, a break down and a mini break

Sorry for the silence. I got broken up with, which sucks. Especially when you love someone. Especially when you’ve tried everything (to the point of exhaustion) to make it work. Especially 5 days before Valentines Day. Oh well. To quote … Continue reading

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Things I did this week

Lets start with what I didn’t do, and that’s update this blog. The thought of blogging this week made my skin crawl. I have no idea why, I just really couldn’t be bothered. How charming! Moving on. Last Friday night … Continue reading

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