Things I did this week

Lets start with what I didn’t do, and that’s update this blog. The thought of blogging this week made my skin crawl. I have no idea why, I just really couldn’t be bothered. How charming! Moving on.

Last Friday night I went for a dusk swim before heading to the pub for one cider and was in bed by 9:30pm. Bliss. I wore my man repelling high-waisted bathers:


The next day my friends and I saw Philomena. Such a moving story. If you go to see it take a jumbo box of tissues. I managed to get away with wiping my tears on my sleeve but my poor housemate Bec’s shoulder shaking sobs were a bit harder to hide. A reminder of the evil nature of religion.

After that we drowned our sorrows in double brie on Jordan’s fancy new chopping board.


Totally justified.

That evening Bec and I took Claire out to dinner as a belated birthday gift. I wore a dress I had bought earlier that day on sale for $35 down from $150. I felt guilty but then remembered that not buying anything for the year was 2013’s stupid failed New Years resolution. Fabulous.


We had delicious Italian food. I ordered a seafood linguini sort of dish and was seriously envious of Bec’s beef cheek gnocchi. I think I might impose a new rule to always order the gnocchi as that was the second time in a month I regretted not getting it. Weird.

We had a drink at the pub afterwards before stocking up on chocolate at the IGA and hitting the couch, I fell asleep so fast that I can’t even remember what movie we were watching…

Thankfully I got plenty of sleep because I had a rather special job waiting for me the next day:


Wardrobe cull. So very dull but necessary. I threw out five huge bags of clothes and shoes. Well, they are still on the landing at the top of the stairs no doubt bringing much joy to my housemates (sorry guys!).

Monday was Super Bowl day! I had purchased 2kg of pork and $10 authentic Texan BBQ sauce with the plan to make Coca-Cola pulled pork.


I put it all in the slow cooker on Monday morning but when I checked it at about 2pm it was all wrong. The pork just wasn’t shredding like it should. Perplexed I checked my receipt and found the butcher had given me pork belly instead of pork shoulder. I definitely asked for pork shoulder. Oh well. $30 of pork belly in the bin… Heartbreaking. Never mind. We had ribs and sausages instead. I loved the half time show. Bruno Mars is such a pocket rocket.

On Wednesday night Kalgoorlie Cops re-aired on channel 9. The reality crime show was filmed four years ago and first aired in 2011 on Foxtel. It’s so ridiculously over dramatised. I’ve never once seen a fight in my 2.5 years of going out here just about every weekend. The show makes for pretty hilarious viewing though and it’s so odd seeing places and people you know on TV.

On Thursday night I borrowed my friend Serena’s shellac machine and did my own nails. I was sceptical because I’d heard that home kits don’t have strong enough UV lights to set the shellac.


I was really pleased with how it turned out and that i’d saved myself $25 by not going to the salon:


After that I made the happy discovery that full episodes of Supersize vs Superskinny can be found on YouTube. It’s a health show where they take a severely obese person and a very underweight person and make them swap diets for a week to shock them into realising how unhealthy they are. After that they give them a healthy eating plan to follow or something boring like that. I can’t really explain how great it is. Just watch it. It is absolutely enthralling seeing how much and how little some people eat. Does finding that enthralling make me strange? Probably. I don’t care.

And that was pretty much my week. Deep. I also had a really great working week, plenty of decent stories around and I produced some content that I could be proud of. It felt good.

This weekend I have absolutely no plans except to do Park Run tomorrow. I’m pretty excited! Either I’ll have a hugely productive weekend or doing nothing at all.

What are your plans?

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