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Melbourne is freezing

Not in recent memory, nor in the 22ish years that I called Melbourne home, can I recall such hideous weather. I guess I’ve been lucky?! I arrived on Friday evening and got up early on Saturday to go for a … Continue reading

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Happiest of Fridays!

Happy Friday to you my friend! Today is a particularly happy Friday for me because I am working half a day and by the time you read this I will be hurtling through the sky at 30,000 feet in a … Continue reading

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30 thoughts I had during yesterday’s run

I’m regretting signing up for a 10km and a 12km ‘fun’ run in August… 1. I’m just going to do 10km today, no biggie. 2. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. 3. Why is this SO unnatural? 4. My hip … Continue reading

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Jamie’s 15 Minute Mexican Tomato Soup, in 45 minutes

I have no idea what kind of kitchen witchcraft Mr Oliver employs, but it clearly eludes me. I couldn’t cook one of his 15 minute meals in 15 minutes if my life depended on it. But this soup is definitely worth … Continue reading

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Camping at Lake Ballard

Lake Ballard is located 180km from Kalgoorlie, via Menzies. The massive salt lake is dotted with sculptures based on the traditional owners of the area. Renowned British sculpture artist Antony Gormley created the 51 pieces in 2003 by reducing body … Continue reading

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Things I miss about Melbourne

Yesterday I finished compiling a list of Melbourne restaurant, bar, cafe and activity recommendations for my housemate. I capped it at three pages long. I’ve been feeling pangs of homesickness ever since. Obviously I’m really happy with where I live, but … Continue reading

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Things that happened on the weekend

Friday night I risked fracturing a very new, very young relationship by showing my true colours and throwing the mother of all tantrums when Carlton lost to Geelong by less than a goal in the dying moments of the game. Think loud … Continue reading

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Dinner for 6 and learning what ‘sous-vide’ means

Last night my chef friend Zach trialled a pop-up dinner for 6 and I was lucky enough to be one of the ‘guinea pigs’ on the receiving end of gourmet foodz. Zach and his parents are behind the most delicious … Continue reading

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7 hilarious & interesting lists from around the internet

It’s Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend which means it’s almost: How cool is that marquee sign from A Beautiful Mess?! I wish I could make one. If only I had ‘nailed’ woodwork at high school. Anyway, a few … Continue reading

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Deconstructed Rice Paper Roll Salad

Before I got into the habit of prepackaged soup for lunch every day, I used to be pretty darn great at making my lunch. Mostly because I love food but I am also really stingy when it comes to buying it … Continue reading

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