30 thoughts I had during yesterday’s run

I’m regretting signing up for a 10km and a 12km ‘fun’ run in August…

1. I’m just going to do 10km today, no biggie.
2. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
3. Why is this SO unnatural?
4. My hip muscle hurts.
5. Is there such thing as a hip muscle?
6. Ashanti and Fat Joe! Who made this playlist?!
7. I wonder if Fat Joe is actually fat…?
8. “WHAAAAAAAAAAT’S LUVVVVVV? Got to do, got to do with anything
9. Oh God there’s a hill…
10. Keep… Run… Ing…
11. What’s that? My phone. Indulge Beauty calling to confirm my appointment… Just take a deep breath and answer.
12. Hel-*coughspluttergasp*-lo? Yep *cough* 5pm? *cough-spit-hack* great.
13. That went well.
14. Oh thank sweet baby Jesus I reached the top of the hill.


I’m going to take a photo so I can enjoy this view later when I can breathe again.

15. I’m not even halfway…


Feeling good. Feeling Great.

16. Now I can get to run down the hill, YES.
17. Weeeeeeee!
18. Someone’s coming, suck in and smile.
19. Does this ever get any easier?
20. If I had to run for my life I would probably die.
21. No really. Die.
22. Cathy Freeman probably knows all about this struggle.
23. What was that rustle?! Better not be a snake…
24. A snake couldn’t run this fast!
25. The GPS woman in my phone just told I’m not running very fast at all… Cruel.
26. I wonder if she’s friends with Siri?! HA!
27. This run means I can eat all the things, right?
28. If I get out of this alive I’m going to do something meaningful with my life.
29. I can see the finish rock! Although at this point the F could stand for anything…
30. Wow, that was my worst 5km time in a month. How heartening!



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