30 thoughts I had during yesterday’s trip to Medicare

Yesterday I had to go to the Medicare (NHS for you Brits) office to update my address. Why this can’t be done online is beyond me. I was dreading it because usually visits to public service offices involve a lot of waiting. To their credit I was in and out in 20 minutes, which has to be a record…

1. Well this is going to be more painful than stepping on a piece of Lego.
2. There appears to be a lady with an iPad allocating people into lines, she will determine my fate, shine favourably upon on me blonde lady.
3. I’M NUMBER ONE IN THE MEDICARE LINE. Everyone else is here for Centrelink. HA! NUMBER ONE.
4. These are very green chairs.
5. I’m suddenly craving a granny smith apple…



6. Ooooh look there’s a TV! Some kind of Australian period drama…
7. With Noni Hazelhurst! Didn’t she and Bourke from Bourke’s Backyard used to have a thing? Saucy minx.
8. I’m bored. It’s only been 5 minutes.
9. OMG the other woman waiting just spoke to me. She just broke the cardinal rule of waiting rooms.
10. Don’t make eye contact.
11. The Centrelink line appears to be moving faster, WTF?!
12. I really shouldn’t have eaten so many Clinkers today.
13. My tongue feels funny.
14. I wonder if I can whisper the entire alphabet in one breath?
15. Nope.
16. This granny smith chair is actually quite comfortable.
17. Where does one purchase such hideous furniture?
18. Remember when beanbags were a thing! HA.
19. I think my housemate has I beanbag… Note to self: don’t put this on the blog.
20. I should definitely take a selfie, a waiting room is a pretty high risk selfie environment.


Looking rather jaundiced.

21. Waiting does not look good on me.
22. I wonder if all these people will lose their jobs under the new federal budget?
23. Maybe they will just hire a troll to stand at the door and yell “NO MONEY FOR YOU!” HA! How witty I am.
25. I’m being served by a lady named Kerry, her top is green like the chairs.
26. It also matches a file on the desk labelled ‘Kerry: TO DO’, it’s a pretty thin file. Kerry is on top of shiz.
27. It seems I’ve had two cheques sent to an old address, yet again winning at adulthood.
28. Kerry is typing. She has a box of tissues on her desk with ‘Kerry’ written on the side, no doubt daring her coworkers to steal them.
29. Should I eat lunch if I’m not hungry? Probably.
30. Kerry just finished typing, I’M DONE!

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12 Responses to 30 thoughts I had during yesterday’s trip to Medicare

  1. Lai Toma says:

    This is pretty hilarious Bec. I find most of your blogs really funny (I physically LOL sometimes). Im usually too chickenshit to comment. Id like to use this rare moment to boast that I can indeed do #14. Yay. Keep blogging, they make my day better. Cheers from Samoa

    • Bec says:

      Lai! Welcome! So nice to see you here, pull up a chair, grab a Vailima. Firstly, congratulations on your excellent lung capacity, I’ll keep working on mine. I don’t think it helped that I was trying to do it without being noticed. And secondly, thank you! I will endeavour to keep blogging because I know you are reading. Wish I was in Samoa 🙂

  2. I think you’ll find Noni Hazlehurst was married to John Jarrat, not Don Burke, and yes I’m ashamed that I knew that very useless fact. I feel your pain on the changing address thing though, of all the things I forgot to change my address on when I moved in January it was my drivers license & my AEC enrollment, so y’know, probably the only two that really matter. Good move Liz.
    Ps. You know you can register your bank account deets with medicare and they automatically pay you into your account, rather than getting sent cheques, yes?

    • Bec says:

      Ohhh yeah! The guy from Wolf Creek who was also on Better Homes and Gardens with Noni, that makes more sense. Whoops. I almost started a vicious rumour! But John and Don are pretty similar you have to admit… Both are DIY men with grey hair…
      Well I do know now that I can get bank transfers instead of relying on pre 1950s banking technology to get reimbursed haha. Oh the convenience!
      The corn and haloumi fritters on your blog just made my stomach rumble. YUM.

  3. such an amusing post! thanks for the giggle… off to read your coffee run post now.. x

  4. MK says:

    Hehe I love these blogs! They make me giggle 🙂 But you know that you can now update all your details online with Medicare? Your blog reminded me that I had to do the same :p Unfortunately I didn’t get as many entertaining thoughts as yours!

    • Bec says:

      Haha MK I looked online and I swear it said I had to go into the office… But I could be wrong! The upside is that they had cancelled those cheques so now I just get a bunch of cash put into my bank account! FREE MONEY! Well, sort of…

  5. Hahahahhahha you are absolutely brilliant 🙂
    I love these little trips inside Bec’s mind…lord only knows what my neuro stream sounds like
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

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