LEGO Travellers in Esperance

I love this. What an adorable way to take holiday snaps! LEGO Travellers is run by a Scottish couple who are road tripping around Australia photographing their pint sized counterparts in iconic destinations. They have a Facebook page and an Instagram account (@LEGOtravellers) and were recently on Buzzfeed Community.

And the best part is they’ve been in my neck of the woods lately:

lego travellers

Hellfire Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance

90 mile straight

The 90 Mile Straight between Norseman and Eucla

lucky bay

Craig frustrated with the average phone signal at Lucky Bay in Esperance. We’ve all been there buddy.

overlooking thistle cove

Overlooking Thistle Cove at Cape Le Grand, Esperance

I really want to steal this idea, but that would be highly unoriginal. I think it’s a much cleverer version of the photograph-a-teddy/garden gnome/soft-toy-around-the-world tradition. But I guess I’ve have to come up with my own idea. I also love these stunning Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World travel photos.

Do you try to take original travel snaps? Or do you have 100 photos of you and your friends in mid-air in front of the Eiffel Tower?

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5 Responses to LEGO Travellers in Esperance

  1. Oh my goodness- this is the coolest idea ever!!
    Thanks for the share

  2. This is SUCH a cool idea. What an awesome couple.

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