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The Pink Jeans

As if you don’t walk around the Australian outback in pink jeans (Zara), a trench coat (Portmans), white shirt (Op Shop) and nude wedges (Betts).

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My Week in Photos

Cheeky Wednesday Cider Snowed-under Thursday Finally moved in Friday Movie Marathon Saturday Sunshine at the cemetery Sunday Mad at work Monday Tandoori Tuesday New hairstyle Wednesday

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The Puerto Rican Day

SO, there is an episode of Seinfeld called The Puerto Rican Day where the gang are trying to get home from a Mets game on a Sunday afternoon and get stuck in traffic because of the Puerto Rican day parade. … Continue reading

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“Do You Prefer ‘Fashion Victim’ or ‘Ensembly Challenged’?”

One for the ladies [Worn Journal]

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Kalgoorlie Cup

There were hats, drunk people and the occasional glimpse of a horse. In other words completely indistinguishable (correct spelling, first try!) from the Melbourne Cup. Except in Melbourne there would probably be rain and or gale force winds. That came … Continue reading

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The Travel Bug

Last night I dreamt I was on my way to Italy. I never actually made it there in the dream, but I knew I was going. I was excited and had that immovable ‘i’m on an adventure’ smile on. Then … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse

Before, during, after. Today I was innocently lying on my bed looking at things on the interwebs when the world began to end. The sky turned red, trees and fences came crashing down and the lights started to flicker. Today … Continue reading

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‘On this day last year’ with thanks to facebook

In a bid to make facebook even more like George Orwell’s 1984, Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies have now enabled a feature to remind us of what we were doing (and that they were and always will be watching) on … Continue reading

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Ladies Day at the races

Just a few happy snaps from the races yesterday. The weather was phenomenal- 29 degrees celsius & not a cloud in the sky. This whole week has been hectic with Race Round festivities. And yes I did get a very … Continue reading

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Welcome to Australia. Where everyone hates each other.

One of the first differences I observed upon moving from the east coast of Australia to the west coast was this: all over food packaging, advertising and various media the ultimate selling point over here is ‘Made in Western Australia’, … Continue reading

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