The Apocalypse

Before, during, after.

Today I was innocently lying on my bed looking at things on the interwebs when the world began to end. The sky turned red, trees and fences came crashing down and the lights started to flicker. Today was my first ever dust storm. It happened so fast I barely had time to grab my camera (and sheets off the line) to get these photos.

If there are benefits to living on the edge of a desert, dust storms aren’t one of them.

And now for the rain…

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4 Responses to The Apocalypse

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  2. this is phenomonal bec, this is one thing i miss about living in the outback – weird and creepy right?! i remember one in particular, that the winds were so strong and the storm front that was coming on the radar was so big that the police called the school and told them to evacuate fearing a cyclone tracey esque scene … and evacuate the school they did. literally kids were pouring out of the classroom doors and running screaming home down the streets haha i am not even sure how and if the parents got called but it was a small mining town so word would have got around quick and they would have heard us coming anyway, i got home and mum had set up an emergency food and first aid pack in the hallway and her my baby brother, 2 cats a bird and a dog were holed up under blankets for hours. dad was out on the station and couldnt make it back in – as a child i had these envisions of sheep being picked up and taken into the sky . sounds horrific but as a youngster i was so spellbound by it all haha – watching the dust storm roll in on the horizon is absolutely something out of this world! not something many get to experience. wow im a weather freak. haha

    • Rebecca says:

      I can’t believe they let kids run home screaming!! That would never happen now, the school would get sued. That sounds like a very scary experience, this dust storm was over so quickly, but was very very eerie

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