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BBQ pulled pork sandwiches

I’d never even heard of pulled pork the first time I had it. I was in Williams, Arizona on Route 66 on the way to the Grand Canyon. We went into some place on the main street and the pulled pork … Continue reading

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Lunch date at Beaten Track Brewery

Do you like beer? Do you like bacon? How about beer AND bacon?! I know. Winning combination. On Saturday I went to a lunch Zach aka The Ginger in the Kitchen put on at the Beaten Track Brewery. When I … Continue reading

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Who’s been sleeping in my house?!

I’m going through a bit of a history obsession at the moment and luckily for me, the West Australian Goldfields is abundant with fascinating history. We’ve moved into a very old house and I’m determined to find out when it … Continue reading

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The inaugural meeting of the esteemed Parmis of the Goldfields club

“What’s a parmi?”, you ask? Also known as a parma and more commonly, a chicken parmigiana, the dish comprises a piece of deep fried crumbed chicken, sometimes draped with a piece of ham, which is then drizzled in a herb … Continue reading

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Sunday snippets

I can’t begin to explain how much I am loving having a backyard at the new house. This morning I drank my tea in the dappled sunshine. Birds were actually chirping, white butterflies were milling around and bees were hard … Continue reading

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The 7 most baffling things about last night’s episode of The Bachelor

It’s a concept as old as time, one man and his concubines engage in a range of social niceties until one by one the concubines are killed voted off until one is left to claim her prize. Yesterday I was … Continue reading

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26 things I’ve never done at 26

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about what I haven’t done, I’m certainly not! I just like taking stock around my birthdays and I thought the things I haven’t done made a more fun (and less boastful) list … Continue reading

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Le Weekend

Turkey, France and Sweden are the exotic locations I visited at the weekend through the power of party streamers, imagination and alcohol. Andrew’s mates have a strong tradition of hosting ‘World Parties’, whereby 3-5 hosting houses pick a country and … Continue reading

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Moving House

Last weekend my housemate Bec and I spent three days (took a ‘moving day’ on Friday and had the day off work, god bless the public service!) moving 1.5km down the road to our new house. Luckily we had a … Continue reading

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Shocking Pink and What to Wear to the Races?

And I mean shocking. It’s freezing, we’re five weeks out from the races and it feels like everyone is already talking about what they are planning to wear. Hats and fascinators have appeared in all the shops, pop up fashion … Continue reading

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