26 things I’ve never done at 26


I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining about what I haven’t done, I’m certainly not! I just like taking stock around my birthdays and I thought the things I haven’t done made a more fun (and less boastful) list than the things I have done. So here goes:

1. Had a credit card. Debt scares me stupid.

2. Been arrested, cautioned, received a move-on notice or had any interaction with the police (other than for work).

I gave a statement once though because I unknowingly witnessed a kidnapping when I was 17, which I thought was just a big public fight between a couple. I had been walking home from school at the time and when I walked past the same spot with my dog later on there were police taking photos, so I asked them what it was all about. A detective came to the house to take my statement and halfway through Mum brought in some ‘study snacks’. I was so embarrassed.

3. Sky dived. Never never never nothankyou.

4. Bungy jumped. As above.

5. Been to every state in Australia. But I only have one left! NT I’m looking at you.

6. Got a speeding ticket. Or lost a demerit point. Nana driver over here.

7. Kept a perfect diet for more than 3 days. Has anyone? I had scones for lunch…

8. Been to a high school reunion. Are they traditionally after 10 years? If so I have two years… Are they still as fun with Facebook around?

9. Been scuba diving. I don’t think my crappy ears would cope with the pressure.

10. Broken a major bone in my body. Fracturing a finger doesn’t count.

11. Been to Mexico. But it’s high up on the list!

12. Been anywhere on the African continent.

13. Been tattooed. I like tattoos… on other people. I couldn’t handle that kind of commitment.

14. Made it through an episode of Game of Thrones. Without falling asleep…

15. Had my wisdom teeth removed. Because apparently they all fit!

16. Shaved my head. For a cause or otherwise, it’s a weird phobia of mine.

17. Made anything from protein powder. My Instagram feed is full of protein balls and other weird items made from protein powder that look digusting.

18. Played an angel in the Christmas nativity scene. When I was 4 I was the donkey and my best friend was the angel. Not. Cool.

19. Spoken French. I don’t even know how those letters put together can make those sounds.

20. Found the perfect hiding spot during hide and seek and not had to immediately go to the toilet. My bladder is the reason I’ve never won a game.

21. Seen a ghost. But I’m pretty sure they’re out there…

22. Tried to be a vegetarian or vegan. Except for that one day after reading Skinny Bitch.

23. Seen all the Star Wars movies. I think I’ve seen about half an hour of the first one…? Or maybe it was the second?

24. Stayed in a caravan. Tents or cabins, never a caravan or an RV. 

25. Dyed my hair a crazy colour. When it comes to my hair I’m more conservative than Rush Limbaugh.

26. Had to try so hard to think of things I’ve never done. That was hard!

What have you never done?

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17 Responses to 26 things I’ve never done at 26

  1. Kaz says:

    I always win a round in the drinking game “I’ve never ever” by saying “I’ve never eaten a Big Mac.” Which is true!

    • Bec says:

      Ooooh that’s a good one! I think I’ve had a Big Mac once or twice in my life and I remember being pretty pleased with myself haha.

  2. harri w says:

    Never done tequila shots and I’m almost 24. Tried that stuff in cocktails and it tastes like poison IMO. Bleurgh.
    Haven’t had a credit card either!

    • Bec says:

      Haha you’re not missing much Harri and it’s certainly not worth forcing tequila down to become accustomed to the taste, your future lack of hangovers (or milder hangovers) will thank you. That said, I do find tequila easier to shot than most other forms of alcohol… I think the lemon or lime at the end helps.
      I find the idea of spending money I don’t have so scary!

  3. emmalouise says:

    Don’t ever get a credit card! Mine was fine, never had a balance on it, I’d use it and transfer money straight onto it and use the points I’d earned to get all sorts of fantastic kitchen gadgetry.
    I now have a $7500 credit card debt thanks to a vindictive ex and my trusting nature (granted, the debt racked up in the months before the split, but still!). Facepalm.

  4. emmalouise says:

    Also, shaving my head was one of the most exhilarating and exciting things I have ever done. This coming from someone who was always very attached to her hair and fearful of shaving it off. I reckon you could pull it off.

  5. Molly says:

    I’ve never watched a James Bond movie.

  6. I’m 27 and I haven’t done lots of those things either! I actually only got my first credit card earlier this year as part of my mortgage plan, although I immediately set up to automatically pay it off in full each month. I’m getting some sweet reward points from it though!
    Not only have I never had a speeding ticket, I’ve never even had a parking ticket! Probably helps that I don’t own a car though…

    • Bec says:

      Yes I think that might help! You make a good point though, I’ve certainly made up for my lack of speeding tickets with my hundreds of parking tickets… Nothing worse than walking back to your car and seeing that little white slip on your windscreen.

  7. I’m conservative enough on the hair color front too..I would love to be bright red for a day though! And I’m also a nana driver, and the most nervous passenger in the world!!

    • Bec says:

      When I’m the passenger in a car overtaking on the freeway (having to go onto the opposite side of the road, into incoming traffic) I have to close my eyes and hang onto the sides of my seat haha. So dramatic!

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