Friday Links

A dreamy photo from Crete

How has your week been? With the Anzac public holiday on Wednesday I’ve been so lost but my sources tell me it is indeed Friday.

It’s been a big week for true crime fans with police making an arrest in the Golden State Killer case. I’ve been meaning to read Michelle Macnamara’s book I’ll be gone in the dark since it came out at the end of February. Her letter to the killer is bone chillingly good. I went to buy the book today and it’s sold out everywhere! Kindle it is.

22 Ambassadors share the one book to read before visiting their country

Things that 50-year-olds know that 20-somethings often don’t.

5 easy ways to break your phone addiction (I need to do this!)

This colour and plant filled home gives me serious apartment envy

This movie trailer about three identical strangers is insane

How to be confident

Is this the best time of the day to work out?

I chuckled at this old blog post of mine 26 things I’ve never done at 26. Since writing that I’ve done four of those things!

Hope you have a great weekend x

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