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DIY ruby slippers

I seem to go to a lot of costume parties. Just recently I wore a sailor dress for our Nautical Nonsense party and I dressed as Dionne from Clueless for a 90s Party (my friend Claire went as Cher). This … Continue reading

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Fossick Fashion Show

In my very brief years as a child/teen model I learnt two things: firstly, fashion involves a lot of mind-numbingly boring waiting around and secondly, having other people apply your mascara just feels wrong. Sadly, I didn’t quite make it … Continue reading

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Sunday Burgers

Every single darn tootin’ Sunday my friends and I attempt to eat a late lunch at around 3pm only to be met with a bunch of closed kitchens. I would say ‘damn country towns’ but Kalgoorlie is not a country … Continue reading

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5 steps to a better mood

A few weeks ago I found myself in one of the worst moods I’ve ever experienced. The funkiest of funks, the stinkiest of stinks. For no reason at all really, I just felt fed up with everything. I try not … Continue reading

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Guest Post: jogger’s nipple

I have stolen this post from my friend Jordan’s blog. It was too hilarious not to share. Hope you laugh as hard as I did/snort tea out of your nostrils. “My chafing is such a bitch, it’s like someone razored … Continue reading

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What to spend your pocket money on this week

Truthfully, this might cost two or three weeks’ pocket money so you might have to forgo the comics and baseball cards for a bit. But it’s worth it. This sterling silver bow bracelet is from the Vintage Stamp Jewels Etsy store … Continue reading

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Guilt free choc ice cream

I’m going to be frank, this concoction probably doesn’t deserve to be classed in the same category as ice cream, the pinnacle, nay, God of all food stuffs. But if you are trying to eat a little better, which I … Continue reading

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DIY neon pink ribbon & washer necklace

I haven’t done a DIY in ages! And seeing as most people arrive at this blog looking for DIY jewellery I thought I’d get back into the game. I’ve seen these washer and ribbon necklaces traipsing about the interwebs and … Continue reading

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Kester Black

My dear friend Miss P from Fossick very kindly gifted me these nail polishes recently. I’ve been keen to try them out but have had Shellac baked onto my nails with a UV light (what a natural, organic process) making it … Continue reading

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Is the sunset I witnessed on Saturday evening from a park in Kalgoorlie. Breathtaking. And freezing. Have a great week!

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