Sunday Burgers


Every single darn tootin’ Sunday my friends and I attempt to eat a late lunch at around 3pm only to be met with a bunch of closed kitchens. I would say ‘damn country towns’ but Kalgoorlie is not a country town, it’s a mining town full of shift workers that deserve to bed fed at any moment (and us non-shift workers, who are just lazy).

Anyway, after calling two pubs that had finished serving food we headed to a park on the edge of town to visit Kalgoorlie’s only food van; Pimp My Burger.

Elly wore an adorable hat and had a milkshake:


Bec went for chips and peppery gravy:


Last time we went to PMB I didn’t eat anything because I stupidly decided was being healthy for that particular hour (HA!).

This time I had most of a burger (it was pretty large):


Here’s how I ate it:

Funny how my right eyebrow raises as my mouth opens?! It was pretty good.



We sat in the late afternoon sun and ate until we each felt rather ill. Because that’s normal. And because the back of the van told us to:


How was your Sunday?

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1 Response to Sunday Burgers

  1. katypotaty says:

    Not as delicious as yours, I’m sure!

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