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Disgusting, isn’t it?

I never want to come home.

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Bali: day one

We have arrived! Yesterday we set off from Perth and after an un eventful and stress free flight we arrived at Denpasar Airport 25 minutes early- thank you Air Asia. Obligatory airport gate photo: Snakes on a plane. Our villa … Continue reading

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DIY terrarium

On Sunday I made a terrarium. I’ve wanted to ever since seeing some very impressive ones at the Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne in October (was that really only last month?!). The ones there had adorable little figurine animals and … Continue reading

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Op shop success

It had been ages since I’d been op shopping so last week I headed to Good Sammy’s for a rummage. Blatantly ignoring one of my own op shop tips (never go thrift shopping when tired) I fluked a couple of … Continue reading

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Why you should NEVER borrow your boss’ car

It turns out there was a final twist in the ‘hitting the kangaroo on the way back from Perth after seeing Beyonce’ saga. After hitting the roo and slamming on the breaks caused everything in the backseat (including my un-zipped … Continue reading

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Beaches, trenches and being pirates

You know when you go on a trip and you swear to yourself you will remember every single detail? Every restaurant, every lane way, every local you smiled at? You will have a diary-esque memory of what you did every … Continue reading

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Beyonce, Ikea and a dead kangaroo

The weekend got off to a smashing start. I went to a VIP night at a local cosmetics store/salon. I’m a sucker for any sales situation in which they hand out free booze. Gets me every time. At least I … Continue reading

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Experimental baking: rainbow cake

This blog post is kind of a testament to my tendency to not follow through all all tasks at hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty good at finishing things… Except for cleaning my bedroom, cleaning my car, my desk or … Continue reading

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What I’ve been doing lately: a series of YAYs and NAYs

I went to Perth a few weekends ago and on the Sunday actually saw the sun shine for a few hours, YAY. But it poured and poured the day before for the wedding that had warranted the trip to Perth in the … Continue reading

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Places I’ve been and hated

‘Hate’ is a strong word isn’t it? But ‘Places I’ve been but found underwhelming, no offence, I know I’m lucky to have travelled at all’ is not a very sexy headline. Far too wordy. I truly believe that travelling is … Continue reading

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