Op shop success

It had been ages since I’d been op shopping so last week I headed to Good Sammy’s for a rummage. Blatantly ignoring one of my own op shop tips (never go thrift shopping when tired) I fluked a couple of excellent dresses in time for the party season (which honestly, is all year long and not confined to a three month period).

I bought this black Sacha Drake dress with gold rose sequins and wore it to a cocktail party on Saturday night:


$12. I’d never heard of Sacha Drake until my friend Lauren, who appears to buy her dresses as frequently as I buy toothpaste, introduced me. Lauren also happened to win a Sacha Drake spring racing fashion competition last week, by submitting this photo:


Not sure who your devilishly handsome gal pal is Lauren but I like her style 😉 Also that is a fabulous tangerine dress. Well done!

Moving right along. I also got this ASOS dress:


I told you I was tired! Despite looking slightly deranged, very haggard and standing in what appears to be a complete and utter mess ( I swear it wasn’t, it’s the basket of stripey clothes that ruins the room) I quite like this dress. It was also $12.

I also bought a silk skirt that is probably too tight. Stupid and a breach of yet another of my op shop rules (buying ill fitting clothes) but I guess you can’t win them all. Luckily it was $4.

I’m planning a big wardrobe cull this week (actually it was meant to be on the weekend but you know, procrastination) so I will actually have room for my new purchases. Wish me luck.

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