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Paying for stuff in gold

So, for those who don’t know, Kalgoorlie is and has been centred around gold mining since an Irishman named Paddy found the stuff near here back in 1893. For well over a century this place has been known as the … Continue reading

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Things my father told me

“One day, we’ll be able to fax ourselves overseas so we won’t need airports anymore.” “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Ad nauseam. “I may have already told you this…” before telling a story … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday: Henley on Thames

I’m home sick today with a cold and a headache that won’t stop thump-thump-thumping despite the painkillers I throw at it. I pretty much slept the entire day, waking only when my windows started rattling loudly. I thought it was … Continue reading

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Things that made Monday a little easier

Not having to pick out something to wear: Black and white stripes all the way. Knowing there was banana bread to go home to: This view on my afternoon walk: How was your Monday?

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Black and white clothing ban: Thursday and Friday

These were the final two outfits before I re-embraced monochrome dressing with absurd excitement on Friday night. Thursday Friday I’ve since worn black and white stripes all weekend. It was kind of fun to wear things I wouldn’t usually wear, but most … Continue reading

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Some changes around here!

New house: On Monday I get the keys for this delightful dwelling! My housemate Bec and I will move-in in a couple of weeks. Having lived in townhouses/units for the last three years I’m so excited for a backyard and … Continue reading

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The cookbook that looks like my childhood

Chances are, if you were an Australian child during the 80s and 90s, you had a birthday cake made from the above book. Maybe you had the doll cake? Or the train? I had the castle cake, with the upside … Continue reading

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Black and white clothing ban: Tuesday and Wednesday

I hated what I wore on Tuesday. I felt like a clown. I also hate that I hated what I wore as if what you wear really matters that much and is worth expending that much emotion on. I was also really … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday: 3 things you must do in Budapest

It feels kind of naughty blogging retrospectively about my travels, especially because this trip happened all the way back in 2011… But everything mentioned in this post is still up to date and relevant (according to the Internet), I promise! … Continue reading

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Black and white clothing ban: Monday

For those who missed yesterday’s post (the one declared “the most boring blog post I’ve ever read” by my boyfriend, cheers buddy) I’ve decided to ignore my awkward hatred for outfit blogging and document my sartorial escapades this week. Because … Continue reading

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