Black and white clothing ban: Monday

For those who missed yesterday’s post (the one declared “the most boring blog post I’ve ever read” by my boyfriend, cheers buddy) I’ve decided to ignore my awkward hatred for outfit blogging and document my sartorial escapades this week. Because I’m banning black and white for a while (at least a week). Because I am in a terrible rut.

So last night I ironed four silk shirts. Apparently it made no difference:


“I’m so glad I bothered to iron this shirt…”

I’m wearing a Country Road shirt bequeathed to me by my friend Claire, a cropped sweater from Sportsgirl, Mavi Jeans, Zara shoes, a really old necklace and that’s a Target handbag hanging WAG style from my forearm.

Thanks to Em for taking these snaps, well the one above.


I got the idea for this outfit from Pinterest, I just searched ‘grey sweater’ and arrived here. That photo reminded me that I too, own a brightly coloured shirt. Pinterest is great like that. If you ever need ideas on how to wear certain items just do a Pinterest search and voila! A million options. Pinterest is dangerous though because it’s full of delicious foods and links to beautiful expensive things, so be careful.

You may notice a few changes around here in the coming days, I’ve been Googling how to do things like make social media buttons (those little grey hearts on the sidebar). And I’ve finally added an Instagram widget there too. Baby steps!

How was your Monday?

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6 Responses to Black and white clothing ban: Monday

  1. whatharveywore says:

    Lovely outfit! I wish I could embrace colours more – if I banned black I would be in trouble given 90% of my closet is black. No wonder I feel at home in Melbourne.
    Looking forward to more outfits!

    • Bec says:

      Thanks Hope! I seem to be fine wearing colour in the morning, then somehow, by the afternoon I feel kind of like a clown… Also I just looked longingly at all the stripes hanging in my wardrobe #firstworldproblems!

  2. Le fanciulle says:

    Despite how much I lurve grey with pastel colours (exactly now you’re wearing it with the cuffs peeping out! So Pinterest), I still manage to wear monochrome and stripes day in day out. I’m pondering mixing it up but sometimes I think why bother? Why not just wear the easy option? Feeling serrrr uninspired in this wintery weather!!! #helpmebec 😉
    Steph x

    • Bec says:

      I am really missing the warm comfort of my monochrome stripes, so I’m afraid I can’t help you! I really picked a terrible season to choose colour haha x

  3. mils says:

    Awesome shoes

    • Bec says:

      Thank you! They are the perfect height (not painfully high, not flat) and they go with everything. I will be quite sad when they deteriorate.

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