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9 things that surprised me about Ireland

Gaelic language is quite widespread The Irish language is on all the road, tourist and information signs, on menus and the train and tram stops were announced in Gaelic and then in English. I suppose I had wrongly assumed Gaelic … Continue reading

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Hanging out on the Emerald Isle

Greetings from Ireland! This place is as lush, green and drenched in Guinness and glorious music as you could ever imagine. We landed just over 3 weeks ago and after breezing through immigration (seriously, the immigration officer told has to … Continue reading

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The creepy house on top of The Met

We finished up our time in North America with a few excellent days in NYC. It was so much fun to do things we didn’t get around to last time, plus a few things I’ve never done there. On our first … Continue reading

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3 delicious things we ate in Montreal

Bonjour! It’s a completely bizarre concept to an Australian that you can drive a couple of hundred kilometres and suddenly be unable to speak the local language. Firstly, because driving a couple of hundred kilometres usually gets you nowhere in Australia and … Continue reading

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Two new videos of our trip

I’ve had some time lately to collate the (endless) hours of GoPro footage we’ve collected along our travels and have come up with two snazzy videos to share. The first one is of our USA-Canada road trip which you can … Continue reading

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Hamilton, Ontario

Canadians are mean. There, I said it. Shall I elaborate? Probably should, and fast, before I get lynched by my family there. We met many Canadians in South and Central America. You literally couldn’t swing a backpack over your shoulder … Continue reading

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