Two new videos of our trip

I’ve had some time lately to collate the (endless) hours of GoPro footage we’ve collected along our travels and have come up with two snazzy videos to share.

The first one is of our USA-Canada road trip which you can watch on facebook by clicking here.

Screen shot 2016-06-04 at 9.13.30 AM

This is what it looks like on Facebook, unfortunately you can’t click on it here

The second one I uploaded to YouTube; it’s of our amazing time in Mexico, Belize & Cuba and probably the highlight of our time away so far. Lots of snorkelling in crystal clear blue water.

I love making videos to music but I wonder sometimes if in a few years I’ll wish I did a vlog style ‘chatting to the camera about what we’re doing and where we are’ video. Thoughts?

Meanwhile all this video footage is really taking a toll on my computer storage space, I’ve become a digital hoarder! I need to find a good solution before my computer explodes.

Have a great weekend, what are you up to? x

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