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Decorating the Christmas tree

For the first time in my life I’ve erected a Christmas tree in my home in November. I don’t know what to think or if it even counts because it’s plastic (which I hate). But still. I’m away in Brisbane … Continue reading

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Put your hands up for Friday

I’ve been in the local paper twice this week, the photo above is the one from today #localceleb. I’m in a play called Jungle Fever, it’s a pantomime style Christmas dinner show. The Goldfields Repertory Club does a Christmas show … Continue reading

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The best thing about an Australian Christmas

The food. Better endless sunshine, better than being at the beach or in the pool all day and better than round after round of backyard cricket is the amazingly fresh produce that comes with an Australian Christmas. We can’t have … Continue reading

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How to fake a holiday

The right Instagram filter can mitigate all the hassle of international travel. Here’s how: 1. Head to a local hotel and ask (or pay) to sit by their pool. 2. Take a good book. 3. And a good friend. 4. … Continue reading

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I’m really not sure why I get so excited about Fridays seeing as I now work 5am-9am on Saturday mornings… But even so, I still reserve a kind of nervous excitement for Fridays. Here are some things from around the … Continue reading

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My number one skin care tip

I should probably preface this by saying I am not a dermatologist, a beautician or someone that has any authority on skin apart from having it on my body. I am also not a beauty blogger, but I feel pretty … Continue reading

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A movie I really want to see

I never knew the story of American artist Margaret Keane. Her husband sounds like a right pill. I think Amy Adams is fantastic. I loved her in Julie & Julia and in American Hustle when everyone was raving about Jennifer … Continue reading

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A soggy Tuesday

We’ve pretty much had thunderstorms every day for the last week. Today was particularly good. The sky got dark, then went red as the dust rolled in backed by fierce wind. Then we got pelted by rain. Then it was … Continue reading

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Cowboys & Indians

My housemate Bec and I hosted a housewarming party on the weekend. It was only our first costume party so far this year, so considering we held three last year (op shop, nautical nonsense and winter wonderland) we are seriously … Continue reading

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The best thing that happened today

Hands down. I’m already contemplating a side fringe.

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